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Weather and Weight

I currently live in New York City, where the temperature is 37 degrees (but feels much colder). I previously lived in Tampa, Florida, where it’s currently 75. My hubby is from Dallas, Texas, where I lived for a few years, clocking in at 71, and several of my friends live in Los Angeles, where it’s presently a sunny 51. 


It’s been a long winter here, with a few more months to go, and the combo of necessary layers of clothing and an “enough already” mindset has led many of my clients to skip the gym, reach for comfort food, and all together abandon their New Year’s resolutions. 


There isn’t a whole lot of research on temperature and appetite but one fairly recent study found that exercising in cold temps caused people to eat 44 percent more calories than those who worked out at a moderate temperature.


Having lived in New York, Texas, Florida, and now back in New York, my personal experience is that cold weather – exercise or not – does impact not only appetite, but also motivation. For many of my northeast clients unless they have a tropical vacation planned they know they can “get away” with a few more months of hiding under heavy sweaters, which distances them from the reality of swimsuit season.


When I lived in Florida I was bearing skin year round and could barely keep track of what month it was. Several years of living there prevented me from developing a habit many of my clients share – separate sets of clothing – “forgiving” winter outfits and slinky summer outfits that require a pre Memorial day slim down.


Considering that’s still about three months away many northeasterners hold an, “I have plenty of time” attitude. So I’d love to know: are you one of them? Where do you live and how does your winter climate impact your weight status? Please share your thoughts!    



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