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What Are You Risking to Lose Weight?

As an RD with two degrees in nutrition science and one in public health my advice about what to eat always takes wellness into consideration, not just weight loss. But I know plenty of people who have knowingly accepted health risks in the hopes of successfully shedding pounds.


I once counseled a couple who decided to take up smoking as a weight loss strategy. They thought smoking would take the place of nibbling and dull their appetites. Not only is smoking not an effective weight loss tool, but the side effects of a pack-a-day habit are akin to gaining about 100 pounds. Needless to say, I encouraged them to quit. But I understood the desire to take a weight loss shortcut.


When I was in high school I tried crazy diets. I restricted my fat intake to zero grams and ate just one meal a day (check out my previous post Four Big Diet Mistakes I used to Make Before I Became a Nutritionist). Both backfired by the way.


But after learning so much in college and graduate school about how my body works, and working hard on my relationship with food, it was like a switch got flipped - permanently. And that’s why no matter how effective a weight loss approach is I just cannot OK it (for me or any of my clients or readers) if it comes at the expense of health.


My goal is to help people find “sane” ways of eating and managing weight that make them feel good, inside and out, and support them mentally, physically and even socially.


So share with me something you actively do to control your weight that you know (or think) isn’t healthy but are afraid to stop doing and I’ll offer my advice.


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