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What the Craziest “Diet” You’ve Ever Tried?

In yesterday’s post I said that I would eat healthfully even if there was an easier way to keep fitting into my skinny jeans. But when I was in high school I tried lots of crazy diets, and throughout my years as an RD I feel like I’ve heard it all.


Some of the most extreme measures I’ve come across include:


Only eating foods of a certain color (such as green or purple).


Picking just one food and eating it over and over and over (for every meal), like chicken noodle soup.


Eating anything without restrictions, but allowing just 3 small bites.


Living on baby food.


I even had a client who (before meeting me) had her jaw wired!


Each of these approaches has a few things in common. First, none are sustainable. Second they’re not nutritionally balanced, meaning something your body needs isn’t going to show up for work – and before long, that’ll lead to side effects, from fatigue or headaches to a weaker immune system and digestive problems. And finally despite limiting calories, none of them could possibly make you feel well physically or emotionally.


A big part of my job is helping people lose weight. But I want to help people do that in ways that are safe, sane and healthful. So, to help me help you I have a few questions for you:


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to lose weight?


How did it make you feel?


What was the end result (did your weight rebound)?


Please share!


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