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When did people stop being "real?"


Live for the JOY of living!

I think we all create our own demons and hells that unfortunately, add to our feelings of inadequacy. I wrote this for a friend of mine ... it just seems like something someone else should read too.

I guess I have grown used to the fact that normal is something that does not exist. Once one figures that out, one can stop trying to be what others want and live for the joy of living. It is with great heartache that people try to fit into the molds of others' fashions. Who draws the lines between what is real and make believe? Why do people continually try to be what they aren't to impress someone who could care less?

When did people stop being "real?"
As for me? I don't worry what others make of me; it is I, who has to live up to my own expectations, no one else can do that for me. I will always believe the best person one can depend on is the one in the mirror. When all is said and done, it is only that reflection who will cause the most anxiety or bring the most joy.

Who cares what others think? What matters most doesn't even matter at all to most! Personally, I would not want to be anyone but myself....go watch the movie PATCH ADAMS....we should all be that daring, that persistent, that real. I cry everytime I watch it!

I hope I am that kind of person to someone! I pray I am that kind of person to scale the walls, break the barriers, I believe I am. And as long as I believe it, I will achieve it.

by Teri LaFaye



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