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Yes, You CAN Lose the Weight!

In the past month since my new book came out I’ve met a lot of amazing people, but one in particular has truly inspired me. Her name is Leah Segedie, also known as BookieBoo and Mamavation via the Internet communities she maintains. Leah was named "Mom of the Year" by Shape Magazine and she absolutely deserves the praise. She’s lost 170+ lbs over two pregnancies and transformed her lifestyle to become a healthy role model for her children and the women around the globe she reaches online.


I had the chance to meet Leah at the BlissDom blogger event in Nashville last week and I was blown away by her boundless energy. She seems to have such an amazing zest for life, and she’s just as genuine as she appears to be through the videos and photos on her web site.    


If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that this is the first time I’ve ever highlighted someone like this, but Leah is really special because she’s so dedicated to inspiring and supporting others who struggle with weight. I’ve dedicated my career to this as well, but I understand that learning from someone who is not a professional but has been through the battle themselves - and won – can be invaluable. 


Whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 200 I know it’s not a walk in the park. But people like Leah are living proof that you CAN do this! One thing I truly believe in is celebrating every success. Rather than waiting until you hit your weight goal to feel good about yourself, pat yourself on the back for every step along the journey. For example going out to dinner, ordering a healthy meal and resisted dessert is a BIG deal, even if that one meal doesn’t result in another dip in the number on the scale.


If you tend to focus on your slip-ups or end weight goal rather than each victory along the way start a new habit today. At the end of the day, maybe right after you get into bed, think through your day and ask yourself, “Self, what am I really proud of today? What did I do that I feel really good about?” And whatever the answer is (resisting a free sample, stopping when you felt full rather than cleaning your plate, talking to a friend instead of giving into emotional eating, fitting in a workout…) give yourself a mental high five. It’s amazing how powerful it is to boost yourself up rather than beat yourself up!


So what were you proud of today? Please share!  



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