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Is Your Picnic Meal 1,200 Calories?

I try to walk through at least one NYC park every day to get a little nature fix, and lately I’ve noticed a ton of people enjoying their meals outdoors. I’ve been craving some picnic time myself, but if you’re not careful, the calories can really sneak up on you.


Check out this trio:

One half cup chicken salad on a croissant

One half cup macaroni salad

1 frosted brownie


Pretty typical fare, right? Well, this meal packs enough calories for about 3 lunches, a total of 1,180.


To put that number in perspective, consider this - for the same number of calories you could eat:

12 thin slices of organic peppered deli turkey, rolled up

4 sides (3 cups each) of popcorn

6 sides (half cup each) of grilled artichokes

6 sides (half cup each) of cubed cantaloupe

7 large dark chocolate covered strawberries


A more reasonable meal, say six slices of turkey (or sub extra firm organic tofu), one side each of popcorn, artichokes and cantaloupe and three dark chocolate covered strawberries provides just 365 calories and is still a lot of yummy food! It’s also much more nutrient rich and energizing, so you can toss the Frisbee without feeling sluggish before you take a nap in the shade :)


Have you packed a picnic yet this year? Need some help balancing out your basket? Please share your comments and questions!


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