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The New Source of Protein for Bold Eaters

It's more sustainable than livestock and has as much protein as eggs. But can you stomach it?

Should You Avoid All White Foods?

We've been told to eat a rainbow of foods, but only eating colors may cause you to miss out on key nutrients.

Why Maple Water Isn't the Next Coconut Water

Some people are comparing this trendy new drink to the tropical one, but they're very different--yet both are worth trying.

Eat This Green Veggie for Better Workout Results

This green garnish may be taking center stage when you learn about its many benefits and how it can help you hit it harder at the gym or on the field.

7 Fruits and Veggies Daily: It's Not Impossible!

It seems impossible, but this meal plan will make it easy to reach your produce needs--and make you happier, to boot.

The #1 Calorie-Counting Mistake You're Making

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares how to avoid common mistakes when reading nutrition panels so you lose weight faster.

3 Surefire Ways to Lose Weight

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares new research about three weight loss rules that work and how to put them into practice

4 Hangover Cures That Work (and 2 that Don't)

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. Alleviate the morning-after hangover with one of these remedies.

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

A new study suggests that fasting even one day a week could speed up weight loss. But is it healthy?

Is Your College Degree Making You Fat?

Why a higher education may be making you gain weight and smart ways to avoid the added pounds, from nutritionist Cynthia Sass.

Why Eating in Season Can Help You Lose Weight

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shows you how eating in season can help you shed pounds and where to find the best fresh produce in your area.

Is Your Bagged Salad Safe?

A mixed greens product may be to blame for the latest stomach bug outbreak in the U.S.

The Dangers of Diet Pills

In light of Bubba Smith's death, which may be linked to weight-loss drugs, Cynthia Sass weighs in on the dangers of weight-loss and diet pills.

Greek Yogurt Brands Face Off with Big Ad Campaigns

Chobani, Yoplait, and Dannon Oikos will release new national advertisements in the next few weeks. So how do the products stack up nutritionally?

Will More Raw Food Help You Shed Belly Fat?

Find out how to incorporate more raw into your diet and reap the rewards without giving up the cooked foods you love!

The Body Image, Weight Loss Connection

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares four ways to boost your body image and increase your weight loss success.

French Fries May Be Even Worse Than You Thought

A European group is warning about a scary danger of eating fries, bread, coffee, and other browned foods.

Is a Preference for Fat in Your Genes?

The connection between obesity and genetics is constantly under scrutiny but could a love for all things fatty be in your genes? And what can you do about it?

Should You Eat Cake on Your Birthday?

Yes, our weight-loss coach says. But if you're worried, here are her tips on how to make sweets and other treats a healthy part of your balanced diet.

Is Caffeinated Gum a Safe Energy-Booster?

Trading your coffee for buzzed gum may seem easy and harmless, but don't be so fast to start chewing.

Does Dr. Oz's Dopamine Diet Work?

The plan claims to reduce cravings and overeating, but the promises may be too good to be true.

A Simple Way to Eat More Slowly

Studies have found that people who eat more slowly eat less overall than people who gobble down their food. Follow this simple nutritionist-approved tip to help you eat more slowly and savor your food.