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Average American Diet Is Anything But A+ Healthy

The Center for Science in the Public Interest graded our diets, and we have lots of room for improvement!

The Silky New Alternative to Greek Yogurt

See how Stonyfield's Petite Creme stacks up against the popular snack when it comes to nutrition and taste.

Overeat Yesterday? Undo the Damage!

5 smart tweaks to help loosen up those too-tight jeans again this weekend.

The Shocking High-Protein Food Trend

It may sound crazy, but bugs may be the next big food trend. They're surprisingly nutritious and eco-friendly.

Veggies for Dessert? Yes, Please!

Goodbye chocolate-covered bacon; hello, chocolate-dipped cauliflower! How veggie-inspired desserts are changing the way we eat.

This Coffee Says It Will Help You Sleep

A new company says its brew can be the trick to unwinding after a long day and dozing off soundly.

Cut 200 Calories from Gnocchi with Pesto!

This lighter version tastes just as rich and has more fiber and protein, plus you get to eat more.

Could Your Snacking Cause Belly Fat?

A new study says yes. Our Weight Loss Coach says hold on! Get her full take on between-meal eating.

Make Healthy Eating Easy

Picking between a candy bar and an apple isn't so hard if you learn how to change your mindset to want healthier foods.

Smell More, Eat Less: How to Smell to Lose Weight

Learn to use your sense of smell to help you control your appetite.

Is White Bread Now a Healthy Choice?

Researchers say it can boost beneficial bacteria in your stomach, but hold off on giving up whole-grain loaves just yet.

60-Calorie Orange and Coconut Cookies

These sweets prove how healthy and delicious coconut can be&mash;have 2 without worrying about your waistline.

Beyond Calories In, Calories Out--A No Hunger, No Hassle Plan

Stop counting calories and worry about what really matters, what and when you eat. Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shows you how to lose weight without hunger, cravings, or counting calories!

The Truth About the Recent Paleo Diet Headlines

You may have heard about a new study testing the popular diet's effects on hunger. Here's what you really need to know if you decide to "eat like our ancestors."

Are You Confused by Fast Food Nutrition Facts?

Sure calories are listed on many menus but large ranges (think 300-1,000 calories for a single item) make the info nearly useless. Nutritionist Cynthia Sass breaks it down and shows us how to order smart.

Will Counting Your Bites Help You Lose Weight?

The latest gadget to help you scale down means no more tracking calories--but will you reach your goal weight?

The Secret to Staying at Your Wedding Weight

This simple advice will keep a happy marriage or moving in with your man from leading to "love chub."

Is Cooking Taking Away from Your Gym Time?

A new study says people either cook or hit the gym, not both, but with some simple tricks, you can manage to do it all!

WHO Recommends Cutting Sugar Intake in Half

The organization now says to keep added sugars to only 5 percent of your caloric intake. But will this help with obesity?