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Avoiding Office Temptation


When you work in an office, there can be lots of temptation to veer from your healthy eating plan, especially when people bring snacks and treats to work. To avoid giving in to those cupcakes your co-worker made, my nutritionist says to be sure to bring your own healthy snacks. This way, you will stay full and satisfied throughout the day. After all, if you are starving, you are more likely to dive into the office treats!

Oftentimes, people eat sweet treats mindlessly because the food’s just there! As my life coach says, it’s important to be mindful of what you are putting into your body at all times. Are you really hungry? Do you really need that chocolate chip cookie? The answer is most likely, “NO!” I used to give in to those temptations all the time. Now I pause and think about it before I reach for the snacks.

So now that I’m on a healthy eating plan, I make sure to bring my own nutritious snacks from home. And if I really, really want that treat, occasionally I will allow myself to indulge a bit. I just remind myself that those calories add up so I need to balance out the rest of the day and get right back on track!

Our 2012 Weight Loss Diary writer, Yasmin, is a 32-year-old web content producer who is looking to get healthy and love her body! Follow along on her year-long weight loss journey!

Who’s helping Yasmin? Tiara Coaching Life coach Alison Miller, Ph.D, nutritionist Keri Gans, R.D, and Equinox personal trainer Stephanie Pipia.


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