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bad sense of time

'When is our 10k again?' I asked my partner once the baby was asleep and he got up from his naps.


I wasn't a mathamatician like my partner but something didn't add up. I still panicked and ran upstairs to get ready for a run.

'It is in 3 weeks and I never ran 10k yet?!' I headed out the door with the goal to do just over four miles and then I would do five on Wednesday. I did 3 runs just under 4 miles already this week and one speed workout.

I came back home pretty beat up and began yoga. It was 3 weeks until my 27th b-day in April it couldn't be 3 weeks until my 10k. It was 3 weeks until my 3k for k for minto run for reach. Gary had signed up for the 10k but I needed more time.

I was okay with that though atleast I am over half way there.

The scale went down two pounds this week and my body fat went down another 1%. This month my body fat went down a total of 3% which is pretty good. U just lost a total of five pounds but that is because my body fat went down a percent at one point but I put on 5lbs. Then I loss that 5lbs and 2% more of body fat. In pounds I am exactly where I started at the begining of the month but slightly slimmer because of losing the body fat. I am finally out of (most of) my maternity pants.


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