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The Best Ways to Use Social Media for Weight Loss

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Social media has changed all of our lives, especially those of us trying to lose weight.

Not that long ago if you wanted virtual fitness or weight-loss support, the only options were online forums where a limited number of people would gather to talk about challenges and progress. However, today's social media platforms offer so much more. When you log on, there are millions of people having conversations, many of which are on health, weight loss, and fitness.

I've discovered that all of the social media platforms have some form of weight-loss inspiration, and they're easy to find with the popular hashtags like #health, #weightloss, #fitness, and #exercise, for example. But different platforms support weight-loss efforts in different ways. Here's how I've been using them for my journey.

1. Twitter. For me, Twitter has been ideal for finding articles on weight-loss topics, conversations, and the latest news. Those nifty hashtags really come in handy. I also love Twitter for learning about fitness-themed conferences such as Fit Bloggin' or Fit Social.

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2. Pinterest. Not too long I wrote a post about my favorite inspirational quotes on Pinterest. One of my other favorite ways to utilize this photo-focused social media platform is to search for before and after weight-loss photos. Talk about visual inspiration!

3. Facebook. I mostly use Facebook for my personal life. I shared most of this year's journey with my friends and family, and the much-needed support has been amazing! Everyone has cheered me on the entire year. I've also had friends share their own triumphs and frustrations. The key is to letting your community know that you're on a journey and that you need support. Ask and you shall receive.

Tell us: How do you use social media to help you work toward your weight-loss, health, and fitness goals? Post in the comments below or tweet Beth @ShapeWLDiary and SHAPE @Shape_Magazine.


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