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Essential Kitchen Tools for Weight Loss

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While I’ve been measuring foods in the kitchen on and off for years, during the last several months I've been making much more of an effort to pay attention to my serving sizes. Yet I recently slipped up and started forgetting—and the scale let me know.

Once I start measuring again, I discovered that I had been going overboard with my portion sizes. Even though I'm making healthy eating choices, it's still possible to overeat.

Here are some of the kitchen tools I’ve found to be essential for keeping my weight loss on track.

Measuring Spoons
I used to pour olive oil or dressing all over my salad. When I started using these, I discovered I was “drizzling” at least two or three servings of oil on my lunch!

Measuring Cups
It’s easy to pile rice, quinoa, oats, and anything else into a bowl—so much so that I used to eat eating two to three servings of everything.

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Food Scale
I never gave any thought to how much meat, fish, or poultry was on my plate. The scale showed me that my servings sizes were usually smaller than they could be, which means I can eat a little more satiating protein.


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