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Feel Amazing Inside and Out While You Lose


When I first started this weight loss journey with SHAPE, I made a trip to my local Sports Authority for new fitness gear. After picking out a pink heart rate monitor, I made my way to a big display of yoga gear to pick out a mat and noticed the colorful selection of women's fitness apparel.

"Look how cute!" I thought.

I walked over and flipped though the outfits, but it didn't occur to me to try anything on. I've always been the girl hiding behind baggy workout clothes. Never did my outfits match or look cute, and they were often too big. I've always thought that cute workout clothes were only for fit people, and that didn't include me.

However I've recently been taking more yoga classes, and I've noticed that my usual clothes aren't appropriate for the class. I get too hot, and my baggy shirts don't stay in place while I'm moving from pose to pose. It's distracting and annoying. I finally decided to give "real" yoga clothes at try. But I still wondered: Would those cute clothes I saw on the rack at Sports Authority look decent on me at all?

I decided to find out. After slipping on an Aneka Striped Yoga Tank Top by New Balance and a pair of Killer Caboose Pants by Soybu, I slowly looked up at the mirror, only to be pleasantly surprised. For the first time ever I didn't wince at my reflection, but the form-fitting clothes showed off the hard work I'd been putting in: I could see my more-defined muscles and leaner silhouette. Plus, even though my body isn't perfect, I felt comfortable.

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Why did I wait so long? Right then and there I decided to change my mindset and start being comfortable in my own skin.

The most rewarding part of this change was when I was wearing the outfit around the house and my husband spoke up. "Wow!" he said, "You look great. I can really tell your body is changing."

Now when I go to yoga I'm not fidgeting with my clothes or distracted by being too hot. I'm able to go and do what I went to do—enjoy the yoga class.


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