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Finding my groove

I've always felt self-conscious taking classes at the gym—I'm not very coordinated and the group dynamic can be intimidating. I took Step once and was always two beats behind everyone else and leading with the wrong foot. And during Tai Bo I actually kicked the guy next to me in the head (seriously!). But over the last month I began watching a really intriguing class from the safety of my elliptical machine. I checked the schedule and found out it was Zumba, a Latin-dance-inspired workout. The room was filled with people of all ages—from teenagers to seniors—and everyone seemed to be having so much fun. After observing Zumba class for a few days, my curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to try it out. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it! The music was energizing and the moves were simple enough to follow. It didn't even feel like exercise, but by the time class was over I'd worked up a serious sweat.


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