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Get Back On Track After a Splurge


You would think that after running a successful 7K, my weekend would have been naturally health-inspired.

That wasn't the case.

After saying goodbye to my running partners on Saturday, my husband and I headed to the local pub, Lucky's 13 (appropriately named since the race was called Get Lucky). Due to St. Patrick's Day weekend festivities and a Bingo game that was going on through lunch, the place was packed.

We bellied up to the bar and enjoyed a couple of beers while we waited, something I hadn't done in months. After about an hour, we were shown to a booth and handed a menu—by this time, I was famished. It had been five hours since I had my pre-race protein shake!

One of the specials caught my eye: rueben stuffed potato skins. I just knew I had to try them. I ordered those as an appetizer, and I was about to order a burger with fries for lunch when I stopped myself. I decided on a buffalo chicken salad, thinking a lower-carb entrée would balance out my higher-carb appetizer.

Before long, the food began to arrive. I had forgotten how huge the portions were at this restaurant! After just one-half potato I felt stuffed and probably should have stopped eating. But when my salad arrived, I went ahead and dug in.

The fun news is we won $99 at Bingo, but the not-so-fun news is I walked out feeling sick. What had I done?

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However, the worst was yet to come: The next day I made our traditional corned beef and cabbage with onions, potatoes, and carrots, and my husband and I split a four-pack of Guinness beers in honor of my Irish heritage.

Since I hadn't been eating a lot of starches and "bad" carbs, all of the potatoes and beer over the weekend seemed to kick my cravings into gear, and I've been longing for sugars and carbs ever since—I still am today.

I've been struggling all week long and haven't slept well in days, so today I'm starting from square one. I'm kicking the high-carb foods from my diet once again and replacing them with veggies and protein. As for liquids, I'm having nothing but lots of water and my morning cup of coffee. No alcohol. No tea with honey. I also decided to plan my meals out for the day:

Breakfast: Protein-packed bacon, avocado, and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Veggie and chicken salad with oil and vinegar

Dinner: Fish and spinach

Snack: Hummus with cucumbers and tomatoes

This morning the official race photos came out, and I noticed a few changes in myself that made me realize that I really am making progress! That was just the inspiration I needed to keep me going. It may take a couple of days to get rid of the cravings, but I'm on a mission.


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