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a gym debate

When I was pregnant I was really discouraged with the lack of excercise options available at the gym I held a membership for since I moved to Ottawa. I never realized how little the gym was tailored towards pregnant women, but the gym had nothing available for pregnant people. Where they too elite that they only wanted skin flints and muscle junkies at the gym? There wasn't a single prenatal aquatics, prenatal yoga, or prenantal aerobics class? There was a trainer but she cost an additional 300 dollars.
I wrote to the gym about it and got a letter of apology. They were sorry that there was  no options available. They probably wouldn't make any prenatal classes but thank you for my enquiry.
I terminated my membership the next day and joined a fitness center that had a prenatal aquatics class, prenatal yoga, a small gym. It was a simple matter; find a gym that better suits my needs and give them my membership. DONE.
I have since went back to my old gym.  I loved my tailored gym but my new membership was bought by my boyfriend as a valentine's day present. Plus, we can go together and they have a day care.
I just think a gym that claims to be living the 'good' life can't tailor to pregnant people and I am still annoyed with it. Of course they have the right to tailor there classes the way they like.

I know this isn't related towards moving towards my new goals. Yesterday I just went to the gym and worked out there. The gym is starting to wane out from people giving up on their new years goal.


anyways, happy work outs!


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