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Healthy Airport Travel Tips for Weight Loss


This week I’m doing something I never thought I’d ever do. I’m taking on a challenge from Princess Cruises: to take a seven-day sail aboard the Crown Princess in the Western Caribbean (hello sunshine!) and not gain or, better yet, lose weight.

I’ve been gathering tips from friends, family, and readers on twitter, and have a pretty good plan, but what will also be challenging is the journey to the ship. As a former flight attendant, I know the temptations of airports, but I'm also realizing that if I plan properly I can turn my time at the airport into a beneficial experience that helps me work toward my weight-loss goal.

This time I’m making conscious decisions to help keep me focused. Here are the changes I’m making.

Before: Grab an extra-large high-calorie coffee drink at an airport coffee shop.
Now: Purchase a water at a gift shop.

Before: Stop at an airport fast food restaurant for a high-carb, mayonnaise-loaded sub with chips.
Now: Eat at home or opt for a salad with lots of veggies, chicken, and low-calorie dressing.

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Before: Sit at the gate and read a book while waiting for my flight.
Now: Wear comfortable shoes and walk the terminal to pass the time. My local Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport has a 1.4-mile walking path in Terminal 1 that I plan to hit as soon as I pass through security (I’m always early to the airport). I’m excited to track my steps with my Fitbit, as I’m hoping this will be my “most steps” day yet.

Before: Purchase fake-healthy snacks at the airport for the flight, such as sugar-coated trail mix.
Now: Bring my own sliced veggies and my new favorite KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar (only 4 grams of sugar).  

Before: Order a glass of wine in-flight. (Talk about a challenge!)
Now: Order a glass of water with lemon or lime.

That’s my plan. It’s amazing how my airport habits have become such a routine over the years. But now that I’m aware of the choices I make, it will be easier to break these habits.

Do you have any tips for my airport experience or ideas on how I can have a successful cruise?


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