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A Healthy Mexican Cheat Sheet


Before we left for vacation, my husband helped me learn to say specific things in Spanish so I could order healthy meals. It made a huge difference in what I ate compared to the other vacationers at the resort. For example, in the morning I would say to the short order cook, “Me gusta dos huevos medianos sin aceite y sin matequilla, por favor.” Translation: I’d like two eggs, over medium, made without oil or butter. At lunch one day, they offered chicken or beef fajitas with white rice and refried beans. I could ask for a half sized portion of the meats with grilled veggies and no sides. It was really enjoyable to order exactly what I wanted and, since I’m the one at home who does most of the cooking, it was a real treat having the food made for me!



Our 2011 Weight Loss Diary writer, Stacy, is a 35-year-old former teacher who is looking to get healthy and boost her self-esteem over the next year. Follow along as she goes after her goal!

Who’s helping Stacy? Life coach Michelle Hastie, nutritionist Ruth Frechman, R.D., and personal trainer Whitney Cole.


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