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Healthy Takeout Survival Guide


Ah, the delivery guy. He can bring a full meal to my house in 30 minutes or less. No cooking; no cleaning. It’s like going to a great restaurant—in your sweatpants. Unfortunately, it can be hazardous to your health if you order without thinking. Here are some guidelines I follow so I can get delivery without having to buy an even larger pair of sweatpants:


1. Before you dig into your meal, put half of it on your plate and place the rest in the refrigerator. By removing the extra food, you’ll significantly reduce the chance that you’ll eat your way through two or three meals’ worth of calories straight out of the container.


2. One problem with delivery, especially for single people, is that there's usually a $10 or $12 minimum. If the entrée you order doesn't meet that minimum, don’t be lured into loading up your order with fatty add-ons like fries and cookies. Instead, get two individual-sized entrées and put one in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.


3. Look for words and phrases like steamed, boiled, and all-white meat. Stay away from words like fried, crispy, cheese-filled, creamy. Also, some menus include heart icons next to the healthier items—keep an eye out for those!


Our 2011 Weight Loss Diary writer, Stacy, is a 35-year-old former teacher who is looking to get healthy and boost her self-esteem over the next year. Follow along as she goes after her goal!

Who’s helping Stacy? Life coach Michelle Hastie, nutritionist Ruth Frechman, R.D., and personal trainer Whitney Cole.


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