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Healthy Ways to Satisfy Unhealthy Cravings


I’ll say it: I’m a fun eater. I love parties, food festivals, and going out to eat. In my early 20s I didn’t think much about ordering fried mozzarella sticks, second slices of pizza, and French fries with ranch dip. But now that I’m in my late 30s, I need to think twice. The old phrase “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” comes to mind frequently.

I’m well aware, however, that there is no sense in depriving myself—otherwise I will blow it by eating some of my trigger foods and distroy my efforts. I simply need to make better, healthier choices.

I’ve been playing around in my kitchen trying to find alternatives to some of my favorite foods, and I’ve had some great success. Here are some of the ways I’ve turned unhealthy cravings into healthy choices.

Craving: Fried jalapeños poppers
Healthy choice: Homemade, only using fresh jalapeños and cream cheese. Good-bye greasy fat!

Craving: Garlic mashed potatoes
Healthy choice: Garlic mashed cauliflower. Avoiding the starch helps me avoid blood sugar spikes.

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Craving: Chips or crackers with dips
Healthy choice: Celery and carrots. Same crunch, without the calories.

Craving: High-calorie coffee drinks from coffee shops
Healthy choice: Genesis Today Skinny Coffee. A serving is only 90 calories and it’s loaded with B-complex vitamins. Plus I save a few dollars by purchasing it at the store!

Craving: Croutons on the salad bar
Healthy choice: Sunflower seeds

Truth be told, I haven't missed any of my former snacks, and my body is better of for the better choices too!

Have you made any healthy swaps lately?


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