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High-tech helper

I've been trying to keep an accurate food diary, but it can be hard to figure out the calorie counts in everything I eat. Luckily, I found a new tool to help me: the Nutrition Menu application for my iPhone, which has the statistics for common foods, including restaurant dishes. It's so useful! Take yesterday, for example. My boss invited me to lunch at California Tortilla, and I was able to figure out beforehand how many calories are in the Southwest Chicken Salad (650, if you're curious). It also lets me keep track of my intake and tells me how close I am to reaching my total caloric allotment for the day.

When I was just using a pen and paper, I'd have to take the time to add everything up with a calculator. And because I usually wouldn't get around to doing it until after dinner, I'd sometimes underestimate how much I'd eaten. But now I can just glance at my phone to see how my daily calories are stacking up.



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