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How to Deal When He's Losing Weight and You Aren't


I feel so lucky to have a supportive husband during this weight-loss journey. Jeff and I grocery shop together, read the same health-related books, and have interesting weight-loss conversations. There’s only one thing: He’s losing weight like crazy—and I’m not. In fact, he’s lost so much that I would be zoning in on my goal if I were keeping up with his weekly pound shedding.

I’ve always heard that men lose weight quicker than women for a number of reasons, mainly because men have faster metabolisms and more muscle mass. And while it doesn’t seem “fair” that men have an easier time dropping pounds, I recognize that’s part of genetics and the way guys were made.

I admit there’s a side of me that wants to stomp my feet, turn my lower lip into a pout, and whine, “I want to fit into my skinny jeans, too!” However I won’t let my spirits be crushed.

Truly, I am so happy for Jeff. He looks great, feels great, and even his mood is happier. It’s fun hearing how people at work are noticing his changes and how he’s fitting into clothes he had forgotten about.

As for me, I’m going to stay focused and only compete with myself by keeping my routine and making good food and exercise choices. I will reach my goal eventually, even if it does take double the time it takes my husband. And when I do, I will celebrate by buying new skinny jeans!

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I’m concentrating on:

1. Continuing my workout routine. Building muscle will help me burn more calories.

2. Tracking my food. Writing down my daily consumption keeps me accountable and give me perspective on what and how much I’m eating.

3. Offering and accepting support. This weekend my husband and I signed up for the Life Time Fitness 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge. I’m excited to be getting support from the gym but also to be doing it alongside my husband so we can support each other in our weight-loss endeavors. While my husband is in rock-star weight-loss mode, he is inspiring me but also offers encouragement whenever I need it—which is often. And I won’t take that for granted—even if he is losing weight faster than I am.


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