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Just Dive In! How to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone


Water aerobics. A few months ago, I would have never considered trying it. Why? First, I'd have to wear a swimsuit, and regardless of my weight, I have never felt comfortable in swimwear. Second, I'm not a big water person. Sure, I can swim to save my life, but even when I had my own pool in Arizona, I was much more the lie-on-a-raft kind of gal.

Admittedly, I overcame my fear of snorkeling back in September when I was vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and took a day excursion to a beautiful reef. That day will forever be etched in my memory as the day I conquered an anxiety-ridden fear. Yet it still didn't inspire a love for swimming or water play. In my mind, the less I have to get in water, the better.

When my mom and I were planning our activities for our Women's Wellness Weekend at The Broadmoor, we had a choice of hiking, yoga, or AquaFit for our morning workout.

You guessed it: Immediately, I tossed aside the option that included water. But my mother wasn't interested in the other two options. Since I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, I decided to go ahead and give water aerobics a chance—after all, this is the year I'm trying new things.

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We woke early in the morning, changed into our swimsuits, and walked down to the fitness center. Right away, questions began swirling in my mind: Will the water be cold? Will the class be a breeze? Will it be too difficult?

When we got there, the instructor, Maria, greeted us with a big smile and set us up with water gloves and cups of lemon water that we kept on the side of the pool. "Even though you're in the water, you still need to drink plenty water," she said.

When I slipped in, I was pleasantly surprised to find the temperature was the perfect level of warm. I also noticed that I was surrounded by women of all ages. As the class began, we warmed up to some upbeat music. Then we transitioned into the core of the class with water weights. That's when the intensity changed.

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To say the class was challenging is an understatement. For an hour we worked out all body parts from legs to shoulders, and by the end I felt satisfied that I had sufficiently worked my body. It wasn't until the next day that I realized what an extensive workout I had experienced. My calves were sore, my shoulders ached, and my triceps let me know they were there. Honestly, I was surprised that I was so sore from this water fitness class.

Trying something new like AquaFit felt empowering. Next time I get the chance to try a new class I won't judge, but instead, I'll jump in with both feet.


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