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A lesson in losing

At my last photo shoot, I started talking with the hair and make-up artist and was shocked to learn that she’d recently lost 70 pounds herself! I immediately started peppering her with questions about how she did it. She said she ate lots of salads from Trader Joe's (which is within walking distance of her house) and followed the guidelines in the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I really felt inspired by her—it was fun to talk about our struggles and hear her insight about what I’m going through. One tip she gave me was that whenever I’m tempted to hit the drive-thru, I should remember that I can throw together a salad at home in the same amount of time (as long as I’ve already gone to the store). And I’ll be so much happier afterwards because I filled up on healthy veggies instead of a fat-laden cheeseburger and fries. Our conversation made me realize that even when my column is over, I’ll be able to always share my best tips with other women who want to slim down.



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