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Lose Weight on Your Own Timeline


During my most recent session with my life coach, Kate Larsen, I realized that I have been too hard on myself lately.

The main reason is because I place a lot of expectations on myself and feel extremely let down when I don't reach my goals. In previous weight-loss attempts, which mostly involved slashing calories, I would average losing about five pounds a month. At that rate, I would already be at my goal weight this time around. But this year is about realistic life changes, and I need to stop comparing previous experiences with today.

It's hard.

I've decided I need to accept that today, at age 38, my body and life are nothing like they were one, five, or 10 years ago.

In the throes of this journey, I've also taken on another burden: worrying about about disappointing others, like my trainer, dietitian, friends, family, and you, my readers.

Today I met with my trainer, Tomery Stolz, and I confessed, almost in tears, that I was really worried about letting her down. She is donating her time to me, and I want this year to end as successfully as possible with the hopes she doesn't feel like it was a waste.

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Tomery's response was inspiring. She made it clear that I can't disappoint her and reminded me that I'm in the gym doing my best. She pointed out that I could be at home opting to be lazy, but I'm not.

She also told me that she's been in my situation where she felt like she was letting others down but was told that if everyone took on others' disappointments, this would be a very sad world. And that's no way for us to live. She reminded me, "In one year you will still be here, even when your public weight-loss journey is over, and you will continue to make progress."

The music to my ears was when both Kate and Tomery said on separate occasions that once I stop stressing about the end results, my weight will start to fall off. Apparently, there is a pretty tight mind-body connection, and the more I hang on to emotional baggage, the more likely I am to hold on the weight. I took this advice to heart and am "letting my fears go."

I feel lighter already.


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