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Make Weight Loss a Group (Class) Effort


Now that I've learned my heart rate zones, both my registered dietitian and trainer agree that I should put this knowledge to work in the gym.

And what better way than to join the Life Time Fitness 12-week, small-group program called T.E.A.M (Training, Education, Accountability, and Motivation) Weight Loss? A couple of weeks ago I joined a group that meets for an hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Mondays the group of ladies has a half-hour nutrition session with Heather Wallace, R.D., where we learn ways to cook healthier, make better choices while eating out, and prepare for the week ahead. I've learned so much from attending those sessions.

The rest of Monday and all of Wednesday and Friday, we're on the treadmill spiking and dropping our heart rates (to rev our metabolism and burn fat), lifting hand weights, or doing squats and lunges. The best part? I'm starting to see results! Last week I was down a pound, and my legs are finally slimming down.

When I signed up, I thought an hour on the treadmill would be really tough and tedious, but it ends up the class is so fun that the time goes by really quickly—a lot faster than if I were trying to spend an hour on the treadmill by myself. Normally if I'm working out on the treadmill or elliptical I'm constantly watching the time, but when I'm working out with a group, I find that I never check the clock.

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The cardio changes daily from hiking a steep incline to running. I love the variety! Another fun activity we do is centered around keeping our brains preoccupied so that our bodies can keep on burning: We play trivia! It can get tough, though. If we answer correctly, our incline decreases, but if we're wrong, the incline increases. Other days the trainers talk to us about health and nutrition as we work out.

Now I can see why this class is such a hit, and I am really looking forward to fitting into a smaller size this summer.


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