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My 3 Favorite Yoga Poses for Weight Loss


When I first started practicing yoga regularly, there were only a couple of poses I could pull off confidently: downward facing dog and child's pose. (I can hear you laughing since that one takes zero effort.)

But with each class I take, I can feel my arms and legs getting stronger, my body becoming more limber, and my balance improving. It's impressive how quickly the body responds to challenges. Since I've started taking yoga, I've begun favoring a few poses, mostly because I feel instant gratification when I get into them and, afterward, I leave the class feeling light, relaxed, and energetic.

Here are my top three favorite poses:

1. Bow pose. The bow pose is probably my favorite pose because it helps to stretch and strengthen my weak back and also my legs. This pose is also supposedly good for your metabolism because it aids digestion (hello, weight-loss helper!) and improves posture.

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2. Shoulder stand. Being that I spend a good portion of the day in front of the computer, my shoulders and neck really take a beating. The should stand helps to relieve tension in these areas. It also benefits my lower back by building muscle strength in that area.

3. Two-knee spinal twist. This pose has become a favorite that I use outside of class, especially first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening before bed. The spinal twist massages internal organs, assists with spine mobility, and stretches all of my tight regions, including my chest, shoulders, lower and upper back, hips, and middle spine.

Try some of these poses to help aid your weight loss. Do you have any other yoga postures you can't live without?


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