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My Go-To Morning Weight-Lifting Workout for Weight Loss


Every morning I wake up knowing what that day’s exercise is going to be (assuming my kids don’t have the flu, like this week). I aim for five days of exercise, alternating between yoga, weight training, and walk/running.

While yoga and walking have their benefits, weight training is what’s really helping change my body. During my sessions, my heart rate gets high, I work up a sweat, and I instantly feel my muscles doing what they are supposed to be doing—getting stronger.

Tomery changes my routine every week, rotating exercises every couple of weeks. This week my strength workout is:     

Bench press70 pounds4 sets6 reps
Reverse-grip bent over row45 pounds4 sets6 reps
Leg press135 pounds4 sets6 reps
Stability ball hamstring curl to glute bridge 3 sets12 reps
Stability ball alternating shoulder press25 pounds5 sets16 reps

My favorite part of my resistance training is watching the weight that I lift increase over the months. For example, I started bench-pressing with just the bar, which weighs 45 pounds; now I’m benching 70 pounds. As for the leg press, I started at 130 but have lifted as much as 180 pounds (depending on the week). Sometimes my back or hip hurts, so Tomery plans my workouts according to how my body feels each week.

I’ve seen so much progress already that it makes me ever more excited to see what the results bring by the end of the year.


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