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One Day at a Time

Janice Taylor, my life coach, said something that really hit home with me today: that it's important to quickly move on after I make a poor eating decision. Up until this point, I've followed the "all or nothing" approach to losing weight. I was either officially dieting or devouring everything in sight—there was no middle ground. I'd be doing really well, but then one slip would knock me off whatever program I was following and catapult me into a binge from which I'd eventually emerge, 10 pounds heavier. But it doesn't have to be that way. As Janice put it, an extra pound may come to visit after a splurge, but I shouldn't let it move in. A better approach: confront it (just don't pretend it didn't happen), confess it (write it down in a food journal), and get back on track again! And last weekend after my sister's wedding, that's exactly what I did. Even though I had a lot of champagne, crispy crab puffs, and wedding cake, I started my Sunday with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal.


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