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Hello All!

Well, long time no update I think!  Life has been pretty busy with another injury to my legs, trying to train for the 60 km Weekend to End Women's Cancers and raising funds for the same event.  But it's busy in a way that makes me happy and also busy in a way that I don't think I could have enjoyed in my old body and with my old energy level.

Anyways, what's going on in my brain is what I usually speak on, so I'll continue that way.  Since January, I've not been giving myself enough credit about my healthy living and refusing to see the results.  On Friday, I got on the scale it showed the greatest change ever, the 2 at the beginning turned into a 1!  That's right, I finally hit ONEderland!!!!  This was exactly the boost that I needed to help me see how far that I had come.  It also helped when my good friend (who never misses an opportunity to tell me how much I am shrinking) showed me a pic of myself from NYE, even from then to now there is quite a noticable difference in my look.  It felt so good to finally be able to give myself a proper pat on the back and I now feel free from my own self-doubt.

For now I will just continue as I have been, walking like crazy and working out.  I haven't gotten a good strength training in awhile so I'm going to jump back on that horse this evening.  I also had some major cheats over the weekend thanks to my hormones, but that never worries me.  It's funny, I feel that once I got my nutritional footing, cheats actually really help me to lose weight as I am basically calorie zigzagging and I rarely have a cheat that is not made from whole foods (just high calorie ones).

Sorry for the random update, I just wanted to post something since it's been awhile.  Stay tuned in the next few days for a blog about the mind's role in weight loss success (from my non-expert opinion).

Happy Healthy Living!


Starting weight- 270 lbs

Current weight- 198 lbs

Goal weight- 145 lbs long term, 185 lbs by June 1st


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