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Show Off Your Body in Summer Fashion


Summer clothes shopping used to be fun…like when I was 19 years old, could wear any length skirt, and back fat wasn't an issue. But year after year, especially after having children, my skirt length grew longer, my sleeveless dresses became sleeves-a-plentiful dresses, and my daily clothes became baggy and mundane. Eventually, I simply hated to shop for warmer weather attire.

But this year is different. As the warmer days began to approach recently, I pulled out some of my boring and colorless clothes from last year. The good news: My shorts were too big. The bad news: I had nothing to wear. So I decided on the easiest solution: Time for a closet facelift!

So I set off on a mission and embarked on a shopping trip to Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. There I was greeted with window displays that revealed the latest fashions of colorful summer attire. Only recently have I recognized that I don't have to have a mannequin-shaped body to look presentable in clothes, and I kept this in mind during my shopping adventure.

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Carrying a pile of clothes, I went into a dressing room and hesitantly tried on shirts, skirts, dresses, and shorts. With each try on I was surprised! I was slipping into a "too big" size large and had to retrieve size mediums. The shorts I thought would be too short were actually just right, and the tank tops that I assumed were going to have to hide under other shirts were fitting just fine without a cover-up. I decided in that moment that this summer I will be more comfortable in my own body.

I excitedly walked out with a stack of outfits to replace my mismatched shorts and baggy t-shirts. It's true, playing dress up, even on casual summer days, has become fun even though I'm not at my goal weight yet. The fact that I'm feeling better about my body and accepting it for what it is in this moment is priceless. That's what the journey is all about, and why I'm going to keep going!

How has shopping for new clothes motivated you to lose weight and get in shape? Tweet me @ShapeWLDiary and tell me your dressing room tales!


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