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Standstill Scale

Almost two weeks ago I wrote about hitting my 50 lb weight loss milestone.  Today I am writing to tell you that the scale STILL says 220!  I guess after 5 months of steady weight loss it seems I am hitting the legendary plateau on the scale.

On previoius weight loss attempts this would have devasted me.  I would have thought to myself, "There's no point, I don't even know why I am bothering, I will always be fat."  I would put myself down repeatedly and then give up, snacking back on a giant bag of chips and dip and that would be the end of my journey and I would go back to my original weight.  This time, it's different.

Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a bit deflating to not have the scale give me a pat on the back for my efforts but I have a different perspective this time and I can get my approval from other places.  Like from the new jeans I bought in December that are already getting a bit loose on me, or the fact that I have changed my exercise plan in January to push myself harder and I FEEL stronger.  Or the extra energy I have to enjoy life and take care of myself and my husband.

I refuse to let the scale be the only judge of my efforts.  It pleases me that I was able to put this mindset into place before reaching a scale plateau or it might not have been this pretty.  Are you relying on the scale to give  you approval or do you have other measures to go by as well?  If you're only using the scale be sure to take your measurements each month, be proud of the choices you make everyday to make or keep you healthy and take note of your feelings to notice changes (a journal works great for this!).

Happy Healthy Living!


Starting Weight- 270

Current Weight- 220

Goal Weight- 145, short term 200 by April 1st


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