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Strike a pose

I had my first photo shoot for SHAPE today—it was fun but also a little discouraging. The hair and makeup artists came to my house and dolled me up (can I just say, it was wonderful having someone do my hair for me). Once they were finished, we drove to a park by my house to meet the photographer. I spent the next few hours smiling for the camera. This was actually pretty easy since the photographer’s assistant kept me laughing with his funny play-by-play of what everyone in the park was doing. I did make one mistake though: I was so nervous beforehand that I didn’t eat lunch. Towards the end of the day my head was pounding so hard I could barely concentrate. I should have powered up with one of these food combinations before hand to stay energized and avoid the headaches and sluggishness. Afterwards I looked at the images and started to cry. I could barely recognize the fat girl I saw. You know how they say that a camera adds 10 pounds? Well there must have been 27 cameras on me! Seeing those images was hard to take, but I reminded myself that this is just the starting point and with every month I’ll keep looking better.


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