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Why I’m Not Giving Up Fried Food


For me, everything tastes great when it’s fried. I used to always say I would eat a shoe if it was fried! But this cooking method isn’t exactly healthy. High in saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol, fried food can really pack on the pounds and deter you from your weight loss goals.

My nutritionist, Keri Gans, says it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate something you love from your diet and doing so will only cause you to overindulge later. So I allow myself fried food every once in a while—just often enough to curb cravings. And if you choose oils packed with mono- and polyunsaturated fats for frying it’s not as detrimental to you health. You can get a list of better-for-you options here.

In general, I opt for healthier ways of cooking like grilling, baking, roasting or pan-searing. Using a combination of tasty spices, these cooking methods are healthier and in alignment with my weight loss goals.

What are your favorite foods to indulge in, and what are your tips for beating cravings? Share your comments!

Our 2012 Weight Loss Diary writer, Yasmin, is a 33-year-old web content producer who is looking to get healthy and love her body! Follow along on her year-long weight loss journey!

Who’s helping Yasmin? Tiara Coaching Life coach Alison Miller, Ph.D, nutritionist Keri Gans, R.D, and Equinox personal trainer Stephanie Pipia.


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