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In the Zone

Since returning from my trip to the Heartland Spa, I decided to join Felinity, a women's gym and pole-dancing club.  So far, I have avoided the pole dancing classes but I have enjoyed Socacize (most fun ever!), Morning Madness Sculpt and free sessions with a personal trainer. 

The addition of my gym membership has had many benefits.  While I still love working out at home, this gym is small and all of the members are extremely kind and supportive.  It's like having a in real life  :)  Also, I find that the classes give me a boost that I can't get from working out at home.  It feels good to sweat in public.

The most important thing I have gotten out of this and my stay at the Heartland is finding "The Zone" I feel focused on my fitness goals rather than focusing on my calorie intake as that is already on autopilot.  While I am not at my goal weight, I feel that the momentum is going hard enough to take me all the way!

Do you currently work out at a gym?  Which do you prefer: co-ed or womens'?    I always thought that I preferred my home workout but now I realize that the blend is perfect for me.

Monday I get my body fat analyzer so that I can really ensure that I am losing the right kind of weight.  I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I get it.  The last time I checked my body fat I was at 41%, let's see how it's changed!

Happy Healthy Living,


Start Weight- 270 lbs

Current Weight- 217 lbs

Goal Weight- 145 lbs target, 200 lbs by April 1st


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