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Weight - Loss Diary

Dining Out on a Diet

Learning how to order right and trim calories here and there will not only help you lose weight but you won't feel so stuffed when dinner is done!

Getting Over My Fear of Fat

Fat is not a bad word when it comes to weight loss. Find out how it can actually help you shed pounds when used properly.

The 2 Easiest Ways to Burn More Calories Daily

Weight Loss Diarist Yasmin Rammohan shares the two tiny tweaks that help her burn more calories every day.

How to Order In and Lose Weight

Weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan shares her go-to ordering strategy when she's too tired to cook!

The Late Night Habit That Makes You Binge Tomorrow

Don't let one misstep tonight derail your healthy eating plan for tomorrow. Find out the simple step you can take this evening to stay on track another day.

The 4 Best Diet Tips You'll Hear All Year

After a year of working with the pros, these are the four tips that have really help weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan drop pounds and keep them off!

The Easiest Way to Eat Less at Home

Since more meals tend to be eaten at home than any other single location it's one of the most effective places to make better choices. This one change can help you save hundreds of calories every time you eat at home.

My First 5K

Despite a few unforeseen obstacles, weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan crosses her first finish line with pride.

Don't Gain Weight On Vacation!

Weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan shares how she relaxed in Maui without gaining a pound. And yes, she had Mai Tais!

Tailgate and Lose Weight

Weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan shares the football foods that fit into her new healthy diet and which are a dietary fumble she's no longer willing to make.

Taking Tips From My Doggy's Diet

How weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan took a cue from her puppy's plate to help her shed the weight.

An Empty Medicine Cabinet

Eating right and exercising has made most of my meds obsolete!

Losing Weight While Working the Late Shift

When her job turned from a regular nine to five to a one to nine p.m. weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan started losing more weight. Find out what she did!

Get Specific: Setting Weight Loss Goals

My latest discovery for weight loss success is setting weight loss goals. And I'm getting specfic!