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Welcome to Day 3 of my 21-Day Makeover!

First two days have gone well (no candy or sweets! And I'm drinking plenty of water), so today's simple change is to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet—at every meal. We all need 5-9 servings a day (at Shape, we aim for the higher amount as these foods are high in so many nutrients).

Here's a list of what constitutes a serving size:


1/2 cup fruit

1 medium piece of fruit

1/2 grapefruit

1/4 small cantaloupe

1/4 cup dried fruit

1/2 cup berries a dozen grapes

3/4 cup fruit juice (100% juice)


1/2 cup chopped vegetables

1 cup raw leafy vegetables (a small salad)

6-8 carrot sticks (3" long)

1 medium potato

This morning, I grabbed oatmeal from Starbucks with nuts—and I picked up a banana to cut up into it (so that's 1 serving). I also found these new cool dried, organic Peeled fruit snacks (each bag constitutes a serving) at Starbucks (go to; they must have just added them as I haven't seen them there before.

At lunch, I plan to add a side salad of greens and some spinach...I'll keep you posted on my progress tomorrow! Stick with feel healthier and drop 5 pounds (my goal).


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