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What A Difference 20 Degrees Makes!

I don't know about the weather in your area, but here in NYC temperatures got into the mid-50s yesterday. Which made my outdoor run beyond fantastic. I got to leave the jacket and mittens at home! 

Yesterday's workout was exactly what I needed to get my confidence back. Just in time for this weekend's long run—I'm gearing up for 2 hours and 50 minutes of fun. When I'm training for a marathon in the summer, I can get away with tossing a couple of GUs in my pocket and heading to Central Park where fountains are plentiful. But since the city turns off the water in the winter (frozen pipes would be a huge mess), going long takes a little more planning now. I'll be strapping on a waist belt with a water bottle full of Gatorade. I hate how dorky it looks, but it's got to be done. (Here are some tips for cleaning reusable bottles.

How do you stay hydrated in the winter? Do you carry water or a sports drink with you?


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