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What do you think of Jessica Simpson now?

Sometimes I sit back and realize how cool my job is—I get to experience things that not many get to do. The reason I say this is because last night I attended a private viewing party (about 50 people) for the premiere of Jessica Simpson's new reality show, The Price of Beauty—AND got to watch a live performance of her new single, Who We Are. We asked her questions too (yes, even about John Mayer) as it was being taped for Z100 and (Of all things to ask, I just had to see her thoughts on the newest barbie doll of our century, Heidi Montag and her 10 plastic surgeries in one day, ha.)


Before this event, I never got the whole Jessica Simspon appeal. Of course she was pretty, famous, and dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood, but she also became a household name through a reality show about her marriage to Nick Lachey. Although it was entertaining, who says that we should suddenly be inspired by someone just because she’s a reality TV star? (I'm not too keen on reality stars that get famous for doing nothing at all, if you haven't noticed.) But, her new show definitely hits the spot for a lot of women (me especially!)—what is beauty and how does society affect the things you to do look and feel beautiful?

If you aren't familiar with how this all started, Jessica was trashed by the media after her “mom jeans” photo hit the press. The tabloids have always been cruel to Jessica, because like any girl, her weight fluctuates from day to day! I personally feel for her—that could be me! Since she’s a big-chested, petite girl, and likes to dress trendy, she's bound to make a few fashion flaws here and then (maybe those “mom jeans” weren’t the most flattering style), but no one needed to act like she had committed a crime for gaining a few pounds. Don’t we have more important things to discuss as a nation? Like the war, our health care crisis, or global warming?


What I saw from the Jessica I met is someone who is really proud to be who she is and look how she does—stomach rolls and all (she even squeezed hers to show us she meant it). She says that since her scandalous “mom jeans” photo she realized the power that beauty and appearances has on the world. In this show she travels to places like Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Morocco, and even LA to see how different cultures define beauty and learn some of the rituals other women go through to fit in to society's standards.

When I saw the first episode (I won't tell you too much, but hopefully you'll watch tonight at 10pm on VH1!), I was really impressed with how educational this show will be (like, reallyyyy impressed). Did you know that in some countries if you’re too thin, you can’t get married until you're "big" enough? Crazy, right?


I have a newfound respect for Jessica and I see her in a different light now (no longer the ditzy blonde everyone has portrayed her to be)—I guess you can say I'm a fan. Jessica is totally the girl that guys all would want to be friends with and the friend you'd love to goof around or go shopping with. She reminded us that she still wakes up every day just as you and I do, and have the same body image dilemmas that annoy us all. Although lots of stars just try to get us to believe how "normal" they are, Jessica really is and definitely embraces the woman she is. I walked out of this event rooting for Jessica—and hoping her show goes well and of course that she finds love in her future!

Click on these video links to see a brief clip of what I saw!


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