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What inspires me most of all: YOU!

Every time I sit down to edit Shape's reader Success Stories, Weight Loss Diary--and our new column Shape--I get re-energized to stay on track. Real women like you with the same everyday challenges (a busy work schedule, frequent traveling, kids) find the inner strength to say 'enough is enough'--and get on with the business of being the best they can be. I remember being moved by these types of stories when I was a Shape reader 19 years ago (I was a loyal subscriber long before I became editor in chief)--and I still get inspired by them today. What I find so fascinating, too, is how resilient and strong each of our bodies is: no matter how much we abuse it (or criticize it in front of the mirror) or feel embarrassed by it, it always comes round to deliver if we just put a little bit of effort into taking care of it. Some of the insightful quotes I've read from real women recently:

'I had been so used to paying attention to those around me, I neglected the single most important person: me!' -- Jennifer Wikoff, June 2009

'I think of working out as a second job. I would never just not show up at work, so I can't skip out on my trip to the gym either.' -- Lisa Loy, May 2009

One daily change: You can be your own success story; take just one baby step toward achieving your dream today.


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