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What it's like to attend press events

Part of the job when you work at a magazine is to attend press events. These are usually social gatherings to promote a company's product, service, or even a person--like a celebrity or host of a TV show who's doing something new--and they want to get us editors to write about it. In beauty, these events can be really glamorous, like getting your hair and makeup done and having professional photographs taken and in nutrition, these events could be something like wine-tasting at a nearby bar to trying new cuisines created by famous chefs. Sometimes press events are even weeklong trips-- last summer I went to Colorado for five days to check out a few of the new spas in Vail. What a job perk!

Last night I attended an event to try out a new sleep device, called the Zeo, at The Standard Hotel downtown.  But in order to test a sleeping device, we had to learn how to use it and then sleep on it--literally. So a free night at The Standard was necessary, and really fun! This event was ideal for me--as I've mentioned I have problems with getting enough sleep and the Zeo is the first device to give you insight on your sleeping patterns. In order to understand how (poorly) I sleep, I had to wear this special headband to bed--it was actually really soft and I could barely feel it--and as you sleep, the headband picks up your brainwaves and wirelessly transmits them to the bedside clock; in the morning you'll get a full report (along with a ZQ number, which I'll get to later) of last night's sleep. (How this is able to do this boggles me, but I admit, it was so intriguing to learn about.) I've realized over the past few months how important getting enough sleep is to get through the day and have enough energy for exercise, and as I was sitting at the conference the next morning I found out how horrible my sleep habits really are.

My ZQ score was a 37--out of a possible 150, so you can see that this is definitely something I need to work on. According to the Zeo sleep wheel, my score of a 37 basically meant I slept like an 80 year old! Luckily, I got to keep my Zeo bedside clock and headband and I'm going to be tracking my sleep every night until I can get my score up (the average is 70 for my age group). When, and if, I ever get that score, I'll know what I need to do to get a good night's sleep. I also get my own account online through the Zeo website, which will teach me how to make small changes to my lifestyle to get more zzz's. Even though this product is a bit pricey (it retails for $399) I still think it's worth it.

I'm lucky I got to go to this event--I knew I could personally benefit from it and teach everyone else what I learned. Not to mention, it was nice to getaway to stay in the luxuries of one of the nicest hotels in Manhattan. This is one of the reasons I love working at a magazine--I do something different everyday and I'm learning too!


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