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What we can all learn from Michael Jackson's death

Whether you're a fan of pop legend Michael Jackson or not, we can all learn something from his death: take care of your While rumors swirl about his overuse of pain killers and the possibility that this may have caused his cardiac arrest, the lesson to be learned is that life is extremely fragile--and our bodies work best when we put only what's healthiest into them and take care of them through regular exercise, stress-relieving techniques, and at least 8 hours uninterrupted sleep a night (to name just a few healthy living strategies). In an upcoming issue of Shape, one reader --a nurse--tells us: 'I see patients every day who have cancer, diabetes, or other chronic diseases. They tell me how they wish they had taken better care of their bodies when they were healthy.' How many more stars must die (most recently Michael, but also Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and more) before this lesson really hits home?

One daily change: Stop putting off making your health a priority. Get out there and exercise TODAY, put aside that fat- and calorie-laden lunch and opt for a healthier version, toss that pack of cigarettes, break that bad habit...because you never want to regret NOT doing it.


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