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What's For Dinner?

When I first moved into the city about six months ago, I definitely
took advantage of all the dining-out opportunities here in Manhattan,
and the yummy variety of takeout options available on the Upper West
Side where I live. But I quickly learned it's hard to eat right on a
fast-food diet. It's like an everyday battle--do you just plop down in
bed and have dinner delivered, or, find the energy to cook? I'm not
sure about you, but after a long day at work and an hour-long
sweat-session at the gym, I like being lazy.

However, ordering in can hurt your wallet, and your waistline. So
I've gradually weaned myself off of Go-Sushi's quick delivery and have
begun to cook for the first time in my life. It hasn't been easy--I'm a
klutz in the kitchen and recipes scare me--but without sounding like the
poster girl for Shape, I got an idea from 'No-Cook Meals
You'll Love!' in our August issue. This article was calling my name, so
I grabbed my wallet and headed to Food Emporium across the street from
my apartment to get the necessities.

Half an hour later I was eating Mollie Katzen's dressed-up pasta
from my very own couch (I have yet to find a table small enough to fit
in my tiny place). Maybe when I've saved enough money for pretty
dinnerware (and actually found a table), I'll learn how to cook
something fancy and throw a housewarming party for my friends. Until
then, easy meals like this suit my busy lifestyle and keep me healthy.


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