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When you've had a bad week...

To be perfectly honest, this week has been pretty horrific for me—which may explain why I haven’t blogged and why I ate 16 pieces! of Godiva chocolate yesterday (yes, I counted the wrappers) and been feeling pretty down today. (The weather—rainy, dreary, and cold—certainly doesn’t help!) It started with one of our cover stars not showing up to a big shoot because she got swine flu (I won’t leak any names here!) And then one thing after another just happened—all while we’re trying to ship our December issue. And then to top it off, my cell phone broke and I lost all my contact information. That nearly threw me over the edge. But as we always say in Shape, exercise is the one thing you shouldn’t give up when you’re feeling down. And while my three workouts this week weren’t my best (not even close), I still got my body moving and that—despite the week I had—is something to be happy about. Any feedback on what you do to get through a bad day and a bad week? Please share!


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