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Where body confidence starts

My almost 3-year-old daughter is amazing: she thinks she’s 13 (or older), strutting around the house telling everyone what to do. She loves to put on makeup (particularly blush) and skin creams (she slathers them all over herself and me…and actually anyone who’s around), chooses her OWN clothes (emphasis is hers), and bosses around her older brother. In a nutshell, she has tons of confidence—and no fear.

That’s the way we all start out.

 And then somewhere along the way, we falter and we start doubting ourselves and the way we look and the way our bodies look—and our abilities. A lot has to do with peer pressure (I already see that happening in my son’s first-grade class) and not knowing how to deal with the changes our bodies go through.

 I remember experiencing it when I was in my teens. I had bad acne and felt so bad about myself. I hadn’t quite found my way. And when I heard about what Dove is doing for young girls now…I wish I had that way back then, but am comforted in knowing that my daughter will have it when she gets into her teens.

THIS WEEKEND (October 22-24) around the country, Dove is launching an amazing, unprecedented program called the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem. (This is the same brand that launched the real women ad campaign a couple of years back…) Katie Couric, Lea Michele, and even more influential women are participating.

Here’s how you can get involved: commit to spending one hour THIS WEEKEND on a self-esteem building activity with a young girl in your life. Then be sure to register what you’re doing on the interactive Dove Self-Esteem Weekend Map on (That’s where you can also get more information on the Movement.)

 Get involved—and help a young girl grow up with the confidence she deserves.


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