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Who else loves Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

It's Friday afternoon and I'm sooo excited to run home, snuggle up on my couch, and wait for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to begin. Maybe that's odd because I'm 25 and like other people my age, I should be out enjoying the city—but what can I say, I've become a foodie-fitness loving person since I started working here. And, I really just love that show! (Poor Dino has to sit through all my health and fitness-related TV programs!) But is anyone else as obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s reality show too? It just inspires me to be such a better eater—I've started to ditch a lot of the preprocessed foods and feed my body only fresh and nutritious meals. (It's good timing when you're training for a triathlon or marathon and you have a wedding coming up!) It's tough to eat right all the time, but when you actually think about what you're putting into your body, it makes it a lot easier to follow a healthy lifestyle. So ask yourself: what is this food that I'm eating? And take a look at the label—if it's got ingredients that you can't pronounce or ones that look like a forgein language to you, look them up; know what you're eating.


If you didn’t catch Food Revolution on Friday night (it’s on every Friday at 9pm on ABC—you should definitely watch!), Jamie Oliver’s doing what we should have done a long, long time ago—getting inside the public schools in America and teaching children about health and nutrition. (Can you believe that first graders had no idea what a tomato looked like?) He’s throwing out those dreadful chicken nuggets (they aren’t even real chicken!) and replacing the so-called vegetable “tator-tots” for salad and fruit. Public school food has been this bad since I was a kid—I remember one year my staple meal at lunchtime was a dish of French fries! I guess I’m glad I got involved with sports and running, or who knows how my diet would be today. Currently, Jamie’s revamping the school menus and diets of the residents in Huntington, West Virginia (named the most unhealthy city in the nation!)—and, if all goes well in Huntington, he hopes that this revolution will spread across the country. A group of high school students in Huntington have already helped Jamie raise $80,000 to donate to school lunch budgets of schools in the area! I agree with Jamie though—we should start with the kids so that the generations after us lead healthier lives than perhaps the ones we've been taking them down.


This is why I really admire people like Jamie Oliver, Michelle Obama (and her Let’s Move! initiative) and my idol Bob Harper, because they’re doing what they can to open up America’s eyes and help us realize what we’ve done to our bodies and show us how we can make changes to live longer and healthier lives! Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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