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Why Adults Need “Quiet Time” Too

It struck me this weekend, as I sent my son up to do his daily quiet time, that I needed an enforced break too. Instead, while he was reading his books in his room (and my toddler daughter was napping), I was running around cleaning, vacuuming, and washing dishes. In my mind, THIS was the time to get things done. But why is it that daily breaks/naps are important for kids’ mental sanity but not critical for adults (or at least so, in our minds)?? While the house was still, it would have been perfect for me to pick up the book (The Last Lecture) a friend gave me for my birthday. I have not had a chance to look beyond the cover. Daily relaxation isn’t so important for most adults in this day and age—but it’s critical, as we say in Shape, for stress relief and even long term disease prevention. I wish I could say I have a solution or a sure-fire resolution (as in “I vow to take a 15-minute break every day”) that I’m putting into place right now, but I don’t. I will, however, be exploring quick and easy-to-implement non-exercise “breaks”, and if you have any thoughts, send them my way.


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