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Why deprivation DOESN

We're always saying in Shape that you should never deprive yourself...that eating small amounts in moderation is better for you than going without—as you won't be tempted to binge later on.

Well, I experienced that first hand tonight. I've been trying to eat more vegetarian (less red meat and chicken, more fish and beans) for health (and a bit of animal rights reasons...since I watched "Food Inc"). I had a work dinner to go to, which I just got home from, and they had two options: filet mignon or chicken. I asked for the vegetarian option.

What I got served (you won't believe this) was a BUNCH OF STEAMED VEGGIES, NO SAUCE, ON A PLATE! I couldn't believe it! I thought to myself, but didn't want to raise an issue about it: THIS, is what you call vegetarian? Not an ounce of protein, not an ounce of fish, not even a whole grain in sight! This place definitely needed some education about healthy eating!

I delicately cut and yes, devoured my vegetables as I was starving. And when I left I was starving and miserable. So at 11 p.m. when I got home, here's what I had to eat: 3 brownies (which my husband had just baked for my son's class the next day) and a giant bowl of rice and left-over lentils and vegetables—in that order.

I was partially eating because I was starving...but I was also angry that I had been cheated out of a good dinner. I'm not sure what I would have changed at this club where I was having dinner (maybe told them to what to do with their steamed veggies!) but I should have stopped and got a snack on the long hour ride home. Or maybe the moral is to always carry a snack with you so you're never deprived. Or maybe I should have just eaten the darned chicken!

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