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Why disconnecting is good for your health

I've been out of the "blogging" and tweeting loop for awhile as I actually took a vacation and deliberately left my Blackberry and computer at home. I've never done that before, as crazy as it seems. And I've never felt better to be back at work. There's something about being able to focus on the rhythms of life--without the pressure of work--that brings you into tune with your body and spirit. My family and I hiked in the Berkshires (following the guide printed in our September issue, on newsstands now) at the Massachusetts Wildlife Sanctuary, swam in a lake, kayaked, and basically just went with the flow. I have to admit, though, I was planning on running outdoors every single morning--and I didn't. I just didn't feel like it. But just as leaving your BBerry at home is relaxing, so too is taking a break from "formal" exercise. I was moving all day from morning until night--so this is exercise too! I'm back into structured workouts (I'm doing cardio and strength training tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday) this week.

One daily change:
Life passes too quickly. Summer's already over; before you know it winter will be here. Take a moment to stop and enjoy life without the buzzing of all the electronic contraptions we have tethered to us: iPhones, BBerries, cell phones, you name it. You'll find that few minutes, hours, or days to be truly rejuvenating!


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