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Why does rainy cold weather mean I eat more comfort foods?

 I went through a period recently when I seriously couldn’t stop eating comfort foods (hot soup, snacks, chai teas from Starbucks)—and I blamed myself. “You need to get some will power, Valerie!” “Why can’t you control yourself!” and all sorts of other negative self-talk. Coincidentally, the weather on the East Coast was cold and often rainy during this time. Then the weather changed at the end of last week; it got warmer, sunnier, and my willpower got stronger. I also put a lot more energy into my workouts and my tri training: I did a 17-mile bike ride Saturday morning and a 5K in just about 29:30 on Sunday morning (see pic)—and I felt amazing. But today, back with the rain and the chilly weather came those old snacking habits. But this time, since I’ve become more aware of how bad weather affects my eating patterns, I’m not beating myself up. I did a 40-minute indoor Spin this morning—and allowed myself some portion-controlled snacks (Popchips…amazing! And Weight Watchers chocolate cream cakes…also amazing!). In calorie-controlled packs, you might as well reach for some comfort foods that won’t add on pounds. And by Thursday, when the weather warms up again, I’ll be right back on track!

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